Our Product Range

We have been meeting our customers’ plumbing product needs for over three generations. We strive daily to remain one of the leading plumbing installation and service companies in our region. We do our utmost to meet the needs of our customers thanks to a team of evaluators and specialized plumbers.


Everyday use puts kitchen equipment to the test day after day. We have a range of quality kitchen products and accessories to meet your needs, such as stainless steel and Silgranit sinks, single- and double-bowl sinks, garbage disposals, and residential and commercial faucets.

Bathroom Sinks

The sink is a key element in your bathroom and must be suited to your needs. We have a selection of bathroom sinks in different shapes and materials. You can opt for porcelain, stainless steel, polymer or glass, depending on your intended use and the look you want.


Your bathroom can become a true oasis of relaxation. We offer a variety of bathtub and shower models that combine functionality, comfort and durability.


Function and looks are the two key factors that will guide you when choosing a faucet. For every bathroom, there are faucet fixtures that will determine its style: modern, rustic, minimalist, etc.


We offer a variety of styles and a selection of the best brands on the market.

Our products combine performance and elegance in both detail and design. We’re confident that you’ll find a model that will suit you and will coordinate with your other bathroom fixtures.

Water Heaters

We install high-quality water heaters featuring innovative technology for durability that stands the test of time. We offer different models and sizes to correspond with your lifestyle, needs and your available space.


We supply and install different pump systems to meet various needs, such as submersible pumps, water-powered emergency pumps, battery-operated backup pumps and wastewater pumps with internal macerator. Our goal is to give you peace of mind.